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We offer complete, accurate, and detailed home inspections and specialty inspections, including radon and termite inspection, as well as FLIR thermal imaging and drone services.

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The pitfalls of the modern-day amateur "house flipper."

Buying a home that will deteriorate quickly after your purchase.

Hiring an inspector that is doom and gloom, destroying your clients' dreams.

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Top 3 Characteristics of Working with Green Flag Inspections

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Experienced Professional

As a 5+ year Internachi member, you can feel confident you are working with the expert.

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Highest Standards

The home is being inspected to a level higher than the State of Tennessee requires.

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Not your problem

Gain the Authority to require the seller to address expensive concerns before they become YOUR problem.

Why Green Flag?

Green Flag Inspections has been helping new homeowners for years.  The resources available to us include a roofing team, termite team, flooring team, and much more.  We provides training frequently to other business owners regarding structure issues, plumbing issues, electrical issues, and other safety hazards that may go unnoticed by others.  Certified in thermography, Green Flag Inspections can offer insight regarding heating and cooling deficiencies.  Green Flag Inspections also is licensed to use drones by the FAA, which allows for a birds-eye view of the building site, roofing flaws, etc.

Schedule your home inspection today.  Consider adding ancillary inspections to include items that are not included in the scope of a home inspection in the State of Tennessee, such as Radon or Termite inspection.

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3 Steps to Success

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Select your desired services.

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Rest assured

Rest assured and feel confident that your home is covered for years to come!

Green Flag Inspections is an industry leader when it comes to providing comprehensive and professional home inspection services, which offer a myriad of benefits for both homebuyers and real estate agents. By choosing Green Flag Inspections, homebuyers can gain invaluable insights into the condition of a property, helping them make informed decisions during the purchasing process. With a thorough and accurate assessment, buyers can be confident in their investment, while also identifying any potential issues that may require negotiation or attention post-purchase. This assurance leads to greater satisfaction with the homebuying experience, ultimately benefiting both the buyer and the real estate agent involved.

For realtors, a home inspector is a critical ally who brings transparency, credibility, and confidence to the property transaction process. They provide a comprehensive analysis of a home's physical condition, including structural components, systems like plumbing and electrical, and potential safety issues. This examination not only helps to set realistic pricing and negotiation strategies but also safeguards both buyer and seller from unseen problems that could lead to disputes or legal issues post-sale. By furnishing detailed, professional evaluations, home inspectors build trust between all parties, accelerate the sale process, and enhance the overall client satisfaction, thereby upholding the realtor's reputation for thoroughness and reliability.

For first-time home buyers, an expert home inspector plays a crucial role in the purchase process by providing an unbiased, professional assessment of the condition of the house. They meticulously inspect the property's overall structure, systems, and components, including the roof, HVAC system, plumbing, electrical, and foundation. This scrutiny can uncover potential safety issues, necessary repairs, or imminent major expenditures that might not be evident to an untrained eye. By identifying these problems ahead of time, a home inspector helps buyers make an informed decision, potentially negotiate a lower price or request repairs from the seller, and plan for future maintenance. Therefore, engaging an expert home inspector is a significant step towards securing a safe, sound, and financially feasible investment in a home.


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Chris and Green Flag Inspections is an exceptional home inspector. He's very thorough, timely, and provides detailed reports that are easy to understand.

I always recommend him to my clients and they always come back thanking me for referring them to Green Flag Inspections!

Justin Fricke

Bellevue, TN

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Chris at Green Flag Inspections was GREAT to work with! He was professional and thorough! He explained anything and everything and even made the inspection fun! We enjoyed our time with him and would trust him to inspect any home we purchase in the future. Highly recommend!

Ashley Farmer

Nashville, TN

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Chris is the best

We love using Chris with Green Flag Inspections for all of our Residential inspection needs. He provides timely and responsive service at a great value and all of his reports include easy to use photos and inspection finding details.

Elizabeth Gatlin

Nashville, TN

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Upgrade to Save!

Upgrade to the "The Green Package" to receive $100 dollars off your inspection package.

Green Flag Inspection Packages

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GFI Protection


Home Inspection

Termite Inspection

Total: $510

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The Green Package


Home Inspection

Termite Inspection

Radon Testing

Total: $625

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The Banner Package


The Green Package

(add any 2 to Green Pkg)

Sewer Scope

Boat Dock

Mold Testing

Total: $985


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