Green flag inspection Packages

GFI Protection

GFI Package Includes:

Home Inspection

Termite Inspection

Total: $550

The Green Package

The Green Package Includes:

Home Inspection

Termite Inspection

Radon Testing

Total: $625

The Banner Package

The Banner Package Includes:

The Green Package

(add any 2 to Green Pkg)

Sewer Scope

Boat Dock

Mold Testing

Total: $985

Package Breakdowns

GFI Protection

We will inspect the home's systems and identify defects that should be addressed. This includes the Roof, Structure, Exterior, Interior, Electrical, Plumbing, Insulation, Heating and Cooling. We will also complete a termite inspection and identify whether or not termites are present, have been present, or possible damage caused by termites. Some traditional home loans require a termite inspection, does yours?

The Green Package

This package includes the home inspection, termite inspection, and radon testing. This is our most popular package due to the natural conditions in middle Tennessee and the savings over individual pricing. If the home has radon or a history of termites, it can be remediated. Would you benefit from knowing the situation before closing on your home?

The Banner Package

The top tier of packaging includes all of the inspections from the Green Package, plus more. These additional inspections are outside the scope of a typical home inspection, but could make a huge difference in maintenance costs if not addressed prior to closing. Lateral drain lines that connect the house to the sewer can be examined in a Sewer Scope. Harmful mold can also be identified through the Mold Testing. Or if the home is on waterfront property with a boat dock, that too can be inspected by a certified and trained scuba diver to make sure the structure is safe and solid. Add any 2 of these onto the Green Package for half of the individual price. These ancillary inspections can protect you from hidden costs of repair.

Ala Carte Items Available Upon Request

Moisture Intrusion - $390

Heat Loss Efficiency - $390

11 Month Warranty - $460

Home Inspection - $460

Termite Inspection - $90

Radon Testing - $175

Sewer Scope - $200

Boat Dock - $200

Mold Testing - $500


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